Caution: only tested with
MSFS 2002 and 2004

Tips: Development

LOD calculations
Simple calculations using LOD levels can help determine the area covered by your mesh file.
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Mesh gaps.
There is a detail in the mesh construction process that is often overlooked by newcomers. This page illustrates the problem, how to minimize it, and how to identify it in your mesh.
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Microdem and the USGS seamless data
The seamless NED data available from the USGS is a valuable resource, but current versions of Microdem do not provide the correct coordinates for the data. There are a few options for dealing with this problem.
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Flatten bgl files for adjusting lake and large river elevations
Included here as well in the General section, by popular demand. Developers are encouraged to consider adjusting the elevations of water bodies that fit poorly with your new mesh. This is a nice touch that will help distinguish your work.
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Realistic rendering of terrain mesh
Many factors affect the amount of realism transferred from source data to the image we see on the screen. Here is a brief look at changes made when Resample converts the data to mesh, and how that mesh is then rendered in the simulator.
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